Words of Life for This Generation

Our purpose is 5 fold and directed primarily to the Body of Christ:

(1) To teach and proclaim the whole "undiluted" Word of God that through the reverential fear of the Lord and, as the eyes of our understanding are flooded with light, He may grant unto us a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the deep and intimate knowledge of Him.

(2) To clarify and define the inheritance freely given to us by God so we may know the hope of His high calling and possess this rich inheritance bought and paid for in His covenant blood

(3) To know the difference between obeying laws versus knowing your true righteousness in Christ

(4) To teach and identify the walk of the Spirit so that; believers can become complete and whole in their everyday life experiences.

(5) To express and together explore, the height, length, depth and breadth of God the Father's love for us.

These are our goals and with the HOLY SPIRIT'S leading; we will step by step, precept upon precept fulfill our calling to the Body of Christ through the spirit of God's grace. You will be encouraged and confronted in your mind, will and emotions as the Holy Spirit ministers to you through this site.

We believe that God has a beautiful plan for your life with a specific purpose for you to fulfill. As we set Him at the Chief Place in our hearts, we will find His wisdom and grace together.

!!! I pray that you may grow to experience the deep love that God your Father has for you and that; He gives you a clear and purposeful direction for your life

Dear Reader:

Over the past 53 years, my wife Kay and I have endeavored to have a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. Raising a family of four, we have had all the normal experiences of life and have sought after our purpose for life using the word of God as our guide.

We decided many years ago to turn our lives over to Jesus and let Him direct our everyday decision making. We did what a teacher of the Bible told us to do. He said, "To understand God's ways, we needed to start meditating on His word night and day". For us, the word of God has been the stabilizing foundation and core of our life. It has supplied us with the knowledge for healthy decision making in everything we have attempted to do.

Over the years, we have shared our growing and learning experiences with others within the church structure and without and we have been sensing a leading of the Lord to publish these articles and put our feelings and thoughts in printed form as a means of comfort and teaching. All the articles are bible based from the Hebrew and Greek language that the bible was originally written in.

It is our desire to make these articles challenging and mind stimulating as we feel that a healthy way of looking at life is using the freewill God gave us to reason with Him by having a living friendship relationship with Him. This in turn, creates an atmosphere of having choices as God has always presented us with choices in our reasoning.

We must have an inner Holy Spirit driven hunger in wanting to have a willingness in seeking Him and, not feeling obligated that if we don’t; he will be mad at us. It is learning how to make Jesus the first love of our life and "choose every day to cast all our care on him.

When you read these articles, it is not our intention to "tickle" your ear or to get you to agree on everything we say but to, reason with the Holy Spirit and discern what he is telling you in your spirit man with in. It is our great desire that you will interact with the Holy Spirit and find purpose and the security that we all are searching for.

We look forward to your responses by e-mailing on our contact us page. We not only welcome your comments but look forward to hearing from you.

Kay and I believe as never before that, we ALL need answers to some of the troubling problems we are encountering in these unsettling days. By sharing our experiences and understanding, we can help one another. When you do e-mail us, be assured that WE WILL respond. If you have prayer needs, questions, or specific concerns about walking with the Lord. Please, we would love to hear from you.

These articles on our web site are continually being updated and new ones are being put on monthly.

Getting approval from God and others is edifying, but participating with God and others is our priority and that is what The Committed Life is all about." Having Healthy Relationships” 

Phil & Kay Larussa
816 S.W.Sundown trail
Burleson Texas 76028