Words of Life For This Generation


Our purpose is 5 fold and directed primarily to the Body of Christ:

(1) To teach and proclaim the whole "undiluted" Word of God  that through the reverential fear of the Lord, and as the eyes of our understanding are flooded with light, He may grant unto us a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the deep and intimate knowledge of Him  

(2) To clarify and define the inheritance freely given to us by God so we may know the hope of His high calling and possess this rich inheritance bought and paid for in His covenant blood

(3) To clarify the differences between obeying laws versus knowing your true righteousness in Christ

(4) To teach and identify the walk of the Spirit so that; believers can become complete and whole in their everyday life experiences

(5) To express and together explore, the height, length, depth and breadth of God The Father's love for us.

 These are our goals and with the HOLY SPIRIT'S leading; we will step by step, precept upon precept fulfill our calling to the Body of Christ through God's grace. You will be encouraged and confronted in your mind, will and emotions as the Holy Spirit ministers to you through this site.
We believe that God has a beautiful plan for your life with a specific purpose for you to fulfill. As we set Him at the Chief Place in our hearts, we will find His wisdom and grace together.

!!! I pray that you may grow to experience the deep love that God your Father has for you and that; He gives you a clear and purposeful direction for you life !!!


God's love is not bought through self- sacrifice. It is given to us without cost.


                                  Basic understanding of our life

1.)  Life should not end up a struggle. We must be having daily adventures with God.  Our life on earth is a temporary season and not a place to set up shop for eternity.

2.) Our life only takes on meaning if, we are allowing the Holy Spirit to train us and direct our path. Life experiences were meant to be a battle field of experiences between good and evil.

3.) As a person matures in Christ, it will give them an increased desire to succeed and be a winner. That's God's intension for all people.  However with the success, it will also make a person feel inadequate to cope with life issues. At times they recognize how weak they are and how desperately they are needing help from the Holy Spirit and others who have learned to love as God does.

4.) At all times life experiences are to be motivated by God as he orders our steps. However, we must have a solid witness of him in our inner make up if, we are to succeed as God intended.

5.) There is an increasing awareness that grows in a maturing Christian that, they are peculiar= (having characteristics unusual to the norm.) This awareness at times can be troubling only because, it is not understood and we are in training learning how to love our self.

6.) At times this transformation taking place can become fearful. However, a person being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ cannot find their identity in the worldly system of reasoning.  God's kingdom is a mystery and, we must have as a first priority, a deep inner passion to discover it. That is why, we must guard our heart so that, we do not become deceived by demonic influences.

7.) We as God children are only pilgrims passing through as, our life is a wilderness walk. We must be going through it with Holy Spirit protection by having God's wisdom and power working through us.

8.) Since God's children are living in a foreign land compared to heavenly places where God hangs out. His children must be trained how to walk and talk to him daily in the kingdom world of the spirit as he birthed them into his family.

9.) At birth, God seeded all mankind to be independent. He gave them a free will to choose to build their life through their own reasoning or, allow God who is their Heavenly Father to function because they heirs of his Kingdom.

10.)  All peoples were made by God to live with him for eternity. Their true identity can only be formed and empowered by having an intimate relationship with God their Father. Life without experiencing God's love and friendship makes our life meaningless and non-productive.